How to access the PINpad connected to the visotor's computer from webpage?

We are trying to deal with the following  payment method:

- PINpad(IPP320) is connected to the computer in an office;

- From this computer, officer will login into the website to check the fees our students need to pay;

- students come for a card-present payment;

- officer click the "Pay" in webpage, then student use the PINpad to pay the fee.


Moneris provided a demo software "Etrin3kDemo", which works as a standalone style.

But we need to access to the local PINpad from webpage, and this webpage will be coded by ourselves.

How to communicate with the PINpad from the webpage?

Do you have a solution, or suggestion for that? or do you know any third-party production for this purpose?




  • You can use the "Java applet" solution to do so. You can find documentation and a downloadable package here: Applet

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    Thanks for the replay. But it seems since Java is stopping the support of applets, also newer browser won't support it, Java applet is being deprecated. I am afraid this solution may have some problem in the future. How do you think about it? Is there any other solution or suggestion?
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    There's another solution that we have not published yet - if you'd like to discuss looking into that please email us at and we'll be happy to assist you.
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    I would like to follow up this issue. Will the solution you mentioned a year ago be available soon?
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    I would recommend that you check with our client integration dept, and cc our group Ask them if they have a cloud based type pinpad solution available.